The recovery service offered by Orenstein, Ostro & Associates Group is based on the analysis of 53 major parameters that assess how the analyzed company works on the market, how it is organized and the roles of its departments [...]
Professionals in any field should focus on doing what they do best. Therefore, in order to relieve them from the accounting part of the business, Orenstein, Ostro & Associates Group launched a special accounting package for people who are registered sole traders [...]
Whether you are a shareholder of a company, an entrepreneur or a manager, a thorough and complete knowledge of taxation and finance will decisively contribute to your success in business. Seeing as a good knowledge of these areas can help improve the financial situation of the company [...]

Our Mission: Turning knowledge into value for clients, people and communities

The main objective of our entire activity is that of transforming our financial knowledge in advantage, growth and value for our customers, but also for the community. The highly professional team working at Orenstein, Ostro & Associates Group is characterized by the ability to identify the best accounting, financial and tax solutions for our clients.



On May 23rd 2019 was published Emergency Ordinance no.31/2019 regarding [...]


The financial audit service that we can provide for your company comes with the assurance that the financial situations that we examine are complete [...]



One of the most important resources of a company and definitely an essential one is the human resource. Orenstein, Ostro & Associates Group takes care [...]



Depending on your company's needs, we can provide reports that will help monitor your business activity and / or report to shareholders / associates [...]



Through our professionals’ expertise, we can ensure the existence of correct records by knowing our clients’ activity, both individuals and companies [...]



Over the years, Orenstein, Ostro & Associates Group has earned a wide range of clients through the professionalism of its team. The diversity of our partners reflect the fact that the services we provide within this company are essential in any business development. Our partners are given the guarantee of our experience and efficiency and can rely on personalized advice in any matter of financial and accounting interest. These are the top companies that trust Orenstein, Ostro & Associates Group in order to provide financial services of the highest quality [...]